What are the best seats at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

What are the best seats at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

A Broad Overview of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Seating

If you're even slightly enthusiastic about motor racing, you'll know that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the crown jewel of racing circuits. This iconic motor racing circuit is famed for its adrenaline-pumping races, including the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400. But let’s talk about seats, folks. It's no fun being at the Speedway if you're not seated in a prime spot. While some would argue that there are no bad seats at this fantastic venue, others have their all-time favourites. Let's take a look at the seating options and discuss the best spots to enjoy racing action with the utmost comfort and visibility.

The Vista Series: Because a Wide Perspective is What You Need

Do you know what's brilliant? The panoramic view. And nothing embodies that spirit quite like the Vista series of stands at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Let me make it clear, folks, the Vista seating includes some of the highest spots in the speedway and they provide a stellar view of massive sections of the track. Whether you’re in the Northwest Vista, Northeast Vista, Southwest Vista, or Southeast Vista, you're guaranteed a wide perspective. And who wouldn’t want that? It is especially beneficial in those neck-to-neck racing moments when every turn or tiny acceleration makes a difference. I reckon that the specific sections of the Vista stands that provide the most complete view are the sections closer to the corners, as they allow you to view both straightaways and turns. Oh, and of course, comfort is also at the top here. The Vista stands are equipped with individual, chair-style seats rather than benches, and you know what that means! A lot less wriggling around trying to get comfy.

Paddock: For Those Who Savor the Pit Lane Drama

Now, let’s plunge into the real drama – pit lane. If you're like me, who savors the pit lane drama and strategic nuances as much as the actual racing, Paddock Seats are designed for you. This grandstand sits directly across from the pit stalls. So, what's special about that? Well, from here, you can get an unobstructed view of all the pit action. Every tire change, refueling, driver change, repairs... you name it! But that's not all. Paddock has an extended advantage of being able to view the victory podium – the place of the final thrill. Imagine watching the winning driver drinking the traditional milk at the Indianapolis 500 right before your eyes or feeling the deafening applause as the winning driver of the Brickyard 400 hoists the winner’s trophy in the air. Isn't that wonderful?

The E Stand: To Feel the Speed Week Excitement

Regardless of the racing events you're attending, "E Stand" is renowned as one of the best seats at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Nestled right in front of the starting line, it can give you goosebumps watching those engines roar and the racers zoom off when the flag drops. What’s more, in my opinion, the adrenaline rush you feel when you are that close to the action is absolutely unbeatable. The energy, the sound, the sheer might of the machines... Ah! It gives me goosebumps even thinking about it. E Stand is a notable spot for those who wish to take in the complete atmosphere. Although, brace yourselves for the thunderous noise. If you're not a fan of ear-drum rattling roars, make sure to bring your earplugs, my friend.

A Penthouse Experience: When Luxury Meets Excitement

Lastly, how about some luxury in the mix? We cannot talk about the best seats at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway without discussing the Penthouse Seats. If you want luxury combined with an unobstructed, panoramic view of the entire circuit, these are the seats for you. High above the main grandstand, these premium seats offer chairback options and a fantastic general atmosphere. I remember once treating myself to a Penthouse experience, and words fell short in expressing the grandeur I felt. It was raining that day, but did I get wet? Not at all. The Penthouse Seats are covered, folks, adding a layer of comfort and convenience. And guess the icing on the cake? These seats give you a view of the storied Yard of Bricks finish line. Talk about an unforgettable experience, eh?

To conclude, remember, the best seat is often a matter of personal preference. Based on what aspect of the race interests you most, you'll have your spot. Impressively, Indianapolis Motor Speedway does not offer a single seat that makes you feel less than thrilled. So, whether you prefer a bird's view, pit lane drama, start/finish line thrill, or a touch of luxury, rest assured, there's a perfect seat waiting for you at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hope to see you at the races!


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